Colloquium Spring 2010


Spring 2010 • Mondays, 12:00-1:20pm, Room 005, Rosenkranz Hall, 115 Prospect Street
Lunch will be provided at 11:50am

January 25 • Elizabeth H. Prodromou, Department of International Relations, Boston University
Past and Present in Religion and U.S. Foreign Policy: Critical Reflections on Engagement with Orthodox Christianity in Europe, Russia, and the Middle East

February 1 • Andrew March, Department of Political Science, Yale University
Pain, Pluralism, Public Reason: What Kind of Moral Injury Were the Danish Cartoons? What Claims Does Moral Injury Make?

February 8 • Tadhg O Hannrachain, School of History and Archives, University College Dublin
The Politics of Confessional Alignment in Early Modern Ireland

February 15 • Alfred C. Stepan, School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University
The Multiple Secularisms of Modern Democratic and Non-Democratic Regimes

February 22 • Vincent Pecora, Department of English, University of Utah
Political Theology and the Case of Otto Brunner

March 1 • Michael Gillespie, Department of Political Science, Duke University
Beyond Secularism: The Inevitable Entanglement of Religion and Political Life

March 22 • John Hartley, Department of Sociology, Yale University
Factional Faith in Iranian Politics

March 29 • Jonah Schulhofer-Wohl, Department of Political Science, Yale University
Legitimating Leadership: Religion, Material Interests and the Calculations of Armed Group Constituencies in the Lebanese Civil War

April 5 • Tisa Wenger, Divinity School, Yale University
Native Americans and the Dilemmas of Religious Freedom

April 12 • Robert D. Woodberry, Department of Sociology, University of Texas at Austin 
Weber through the Back Door: Protestant Competition, Elite Dispersion and the Global Spread of Democracy

April 19 • Lucas Entel, Department of Political Science, Yale University
Plurality, Responsibility and Philosophy in a Disenchanted World: Leo Strauss and Modernity as Dogma

April 26 • Clifford Ando, Department of Classics, University of Chicago
The Ontology of Religious Institutions

May 3 • Julia Lynch, Department of Political Science, University of Pennsylvania
Christian Democracy and the Welfare State Reconsidered: The Case of Italy

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