The Religion and Politics Colloquium

Spring 2018 Schedule:
Mondays, 12:00-1:20pm •  Room 102, Rosenkranz Hall, 115 Prospect Street

2/19 - Ashutosh Varshney - Brown University (Political Science), Title: “India’s Democracy: Electoral Vibrancy, Liberal Deficits”

2/26 - Jonathan Walton - Harvard University (Divinity, Memorial Church), Topic: Race, Religion, and Populism in the United States

3/26 - Eliyahu Stern - Yale University (Religious Studies), Topic: American Judaism and the Trump Campaign

 4/9 - Jeanette Jouili - University of Pittsburgh (Religious Studies), Title: “British Muslim Cultural Expressions in the Age of Counterterrorism: Performing Tolerance, Navigating Censorship”

4/16 - Robert Hefner - Boston University (Anthropology), Topic: Islam and Populism in Indonesia

Fall 2017

Mondays, 12:00-1:20pm •  Room 102, Rosenkranz Hall, 115 Prospect Street

Fall 2017

Sept 29 • Graduate Student and Junior Fellows Mixer, 3pm at BAR Pizza. Please contact Cody Musselman or Roger Baumann with questions about the mixer. Contact John Hartley to learn about the nomination process if you are interested to become a Junior Fellow of the initiative. 

October 6 • Brent Sirota (North Carolina State University), “Sovereignty and Catholicity in Early Eighteenth Century England” (Joint with CHESS) 

October 23 • Ambassador William H. Luers (Iran Project, Columbia School of International and Public Affairs), “Populism and US Policy toward the Islamic Republic of Iran”

November 13 • David A. Palmer (Hong Kong University), Paper Title TBD

December 4 • K Healan Gaston (Harvard Divinity School), Paper Title TBD

Generously sponsored by the Edward J. and Dorothy Clarke Kempf Fund