Islam: The Politics of Reform

9:00AM • Opening Address

David Powers, Cornell University, 
“A Founder without Sons: The Making of the Last Prophet”

 Comment by Yasir Kazi, Yale University

10:30-12:30PM • Panel I 
Chair: Frank Griffel, Yale University

Richard Bulliet, Columbia University,
“The Rise of the Sufi Brotherhood as a Reform Movement”

Charles Kurzman, University of North Carolina, 
“Liberal Islam: The Reformation within the Reformation”

David Robinson, Michigan State University, 
“Legitimating Islamic Revolution at the Frontiers of the Islamic World”

Discussant: Homayra Ziad, Yale University

Q&A Session following remarks

2:00-4:00PM • Panel II 
Chair: Vivek Sharma, Yale University

Anna Bigelow, North Carolina State University, 
“Secularism’s Double Bind: Muslims, Islam and the State in South Asia”

Carrie Wickham, Emory University, 
“Changing Stripes? The Causes and Dynamics of Islamist Auto-Reform”

M. Hakan Yavuz, University of Utah, 
“Secularism and Muslim Democracy in Turkey:
Islamic Bourgeoisie and the AKP”

Discussant: Tarek Masoud, Yale University

Q&A Session following remarks

4:30PM • Keynote Address

Bruce Lawrence, Duke University,
“Muslim-Christian & Christian-Muslim:
The Challenge of Religious Minorities to Secular Polities in Africa & Asia”

with special reference to Egypt & Ethiopia, Indonesia & the Phillipines

Comment by Andrew March, Yale University

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