Jonathan Endelman

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Jonathan Endelman is a sixth year PhD Candidate at Yale University in Sociology. His research focuses conceptually on alternative frameworks for political identity beyond the boundaries of the nation-state, the historiography of empires, the relationship between empires and successor nation-states that develop from them, and the cultural and political dimensions of citizenship. Substantively, his dissertation examines the Ottoman Empire during the period known as the Tanzimat focusing especially on the first Ottoman Constitutional Period and the Ottoman Imperial Parliament during the years 1876-1878. He hopes to examine 19th century multi-ethnic and multi-religious imperial contexts for clues as to how best to deal with the obstacles to multiculturalism and the challenges of sectarianism in the modern world. He has published an article on state visual iconography in Hashemite Jordan under the British mandate entitled, “Displaying the State: Visual Signs and Colonial Construction in Jordan” in the journal Theory and Society.