Steven Pincus

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Bradford Durfee Professor of History; Co-Director, CHESS

Steven Pincus is the author of Protestantism and Patriotism: Ideologies and the Making of English Foreign Policy, 1650-1668 and England’s Glorious Revolution 1688-89 and most recently 1688:The First Modern Revolution.  He has also edited two collections of essays.   He has published numerous essays on the economic, cultural, political and intellectual history of early modern Britain, early modern Empires, and the early modern Atlantic. He has also published work on comparative revolutions and state formation. Pincus is completing a book on the Declaration of Independence due out in 2016 and is simultaneously completing a book on the origins of the British Empire (c. 1650-1784)which offers a new interpretation of the American Revolution and the origins of British India. He is also working with Jim Robinson of Chicago on a book on the Divergence of Britain: the state and the making of the first industrial revolution.